On Discipline

Coming from a physical background, I found it a challenge applying the philosophy of Yoga to the practice of Yoga.  I mentioned in my previous post about the practice of Yoga, and the first thing that is required is discipline.  The discipline of practice; whatever it is you may be practicing.  So, if I look at my Yoga practice, then it’s having the discipline to do my practice everyday.  If I look at my work with Les Mills International as the UK Bodybalance Head Trainer, it’s the discipline of learning the choreography 100%, knowing that particular release inside out, of filming myself every so often to self-evaluate.  If I look at writing this blog, then maintaining the discipline of writing whenever I’ve decided I would write.

Now, I’m not very good with discipline.  The word just doesn’t sit well with me.  So, I ask myself if discipline as we’re referring to here is any different to cultivating a habit?  Habit, I can cope with.  Surely both words, acted out on a daily basis, mean the same thing? I develop the habit of practicing my Yoga everyday.  I develop the discipline of practicing my Yoga everyday.  I develop the habit to write everyday.  I develop the discipline of writing everyday.

Whilst on the surface, they may seem to be the same thing; TAPAS, as referred to in the Yoga Sutra, about the action of Yoga, can also mean “heat”.  We need to generate some sort of “heat” with our practice.  Therefore, if I think of discipline, just the thought of the word makes me hot under the collar. Is this what it means?  Yes, the physical practice of Yoga does get you warm; and if you practice Bikram Yoga, more than warm?!

But applied to life, what do you think?

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