I have always wanted to write a book; to share my thoughts with the world.  I never imagined how I would feel to have my book available on Amazon.

A month ago, I decided to be part of the I AM WOMAN Book Challenge, where they are taking some women authors through a programme to write and launch our books on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013.  Whilst I am still brain dumping my thoughts for my first draft, I thought about all the YOGADAILYTHOUGHTS I have been tweeting and posting on my facebook page.  Earlier this year, I started compiling the ones from 2011 with the intention of creating a journal for publication.  As with anything, life got in the way and I stalled with formatting it.  On a two-day writing workshop for the Book Challenge, I mentioned out loud that I have these tweets collated and the lovely Jacqui Malpass, who was one of the facilitators of the workshop, suggested I get it out there … and so I did, and here it is!  I learnt so much about Kindle and how it is so easy these days to get your message out there in writing.  So I have no idea how many people will purchase my book.  What I do know is that it is an accomplishment, one where I am still staring in awe at my book on the Amazon site and shaking my head at the thought that this is now available globally.  My message is out there and in a small way could make a difference to someone.
So, what have you dreamed about doing and what is holding you back?  It is not the destination but the journey and the sense of achievement that is so empowering.  Go ahead … do something today!

Published by Ann-See Yeoh

In a world that moving at a tremendous pace, some of us are striving to peel back the layers and be in the moment. I believe that we are here to share, to grow, to evolve and to leave the world a better place than that we were born into. Whilst we are busy being diverse human beings, we can still remain humans being, and more importantly, that we live our kind of lives.

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