Falling to Pieces

Falling to Pieces

Do you ever get those days where you feel that you’re falling to pieces?

Well, I do, and when you get those days, all you want to do is crawl under the duvet and hide.  Yet, you know it’s part of the ebb and flow of life and where there is darkness, there will be light.  We just need to surf the emotional tide with grace. Here are some things that help me through such periods in my life:

  1. Remember that this too shall pass and there is always tomorrow.
  2. Haul my butt out of the house and be with other people.  Being around other people do tend to lift your mood.  Luckily, having to go off to teach or deliver a training workshop means I have to in order to generate some income and ensure that the bills are paid.
  3. Whip out my yoga mat and do a yoga practice.  I can leave my sh#t off the mat and drop into my body and my breath.
  4. Slap myself into realising that I need to lighten up and laugh at myself.  I do tend to be oversensitive and over think stuff, which means I tend to spiral into the vortex of self-pity, so why not cry from laughter rather than sadness?
  5. Surrender to grace.  As much as we try to take control of our life, who knows what the future really holds for each of us?  The universe has bigger plans for each and every one of us so have faith and trust.

So whilst we’re all given these times in life to dwell on, we can see them as opportunities to get to know ourselves better, to experience the yin and yang of life, and hence to learn and grow.

Be brave and be strong.  Keep your chin up and keep breathing …


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