My Birthday Wish


It’s my birthday today and I’m now the other side closer to 50! 

Life is moving on and I’m making some subtle shifts in direction for the future so that I honour who I am and what I stand for even more.  I feel I’m moving into a more authentic phase of my life, and late last night, I came across this and it just sums it all up for me.

So, I invite you to ask yourself what phase of your life are you moving into?  What changes would you honestly like to see?  

I still have a couple of spaces left for my Yoga day at the end of the month.  It would be lovely to see you there …

Ann-See x

As. you. are. Stronger than you know.
More beautiful than you think.
Worthier than you believe.
More loved than you can ever imagine.
Passionate about making a difference.
Fiery when protecting those you love.
Learning. Growing. Not alone.
Warm. Giving. Generous. Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.
Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave. And so, so, so.much.more.
Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You. ~ Tia Sparkles

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