Let It All Out!

throat chakra

The throat … Vishuddha meaning “especially pure”.

This month, we have been focusing on the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, which is associated with the vocal cords and the thyroid gland.  Misalignments here can result in a sore throat, thyroid problems, neck and shoulder pain, hearing problems, and jaw pain.

This energy centre is associated with your voice. It relates to your ability to speak your truth, express ideas clearly, truthfully, and gracefully, and become harmoniously attuned to both inner and outer vibrations.  It bridges the heart and the mind. When that space is clear, it integrates the wisdom of both, allowing profound spiritual truths to flow freely. You will be able to effectively communicate your needs, desires, creative ideas, boundaries, empathy, and love.

As you can imagine, a challenge to the throat chakra is for us to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. Falsehoods and half-truths energetically pollute the throat chakra.  This behavior violates both our bodies and spirits. Repressing our anger or displeasure by ignoring our feelings through evasive sweet talk, or silence, will manifest into throat imbalances such as strep throat, laryngitis, speech impediments, and so on.

Here are some Poses to help bring release to this area:

  • Easy sitting neck release
  • Fish
  • Plough
  • Legs up the wall
  • Shoulder stand
  • Lion

What you may want to consider is the use of sound.  One of the easiest ways to connect with this area is to chant. There is something about vibration therapy, and creating a sound can impact us at a deep cellular level.  So, try this …

Take a comfortable seat. Softly close your eyes and lips. Relax your face and jaw. Begin to make the sound “mmmmmmmm” at whatever resonant tone is natural for you. Feel the vibration all around the tongue, lips, cheeks, jaw, ears, and throat. Imagine this sound vibrating loose any tension in the throat neck and jaw region. Letting go of the times you have had to bite your tongue or have had a lump in your throat from the fear of speaking up. Feel the vibration purifying and freeing you.

It has been interesting in class.  Some people love it; others find it rather uncomfortable.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below; I would love to hear from you.

Published by Ann-See Yeoh

In a world that moving at a tremendous pace, some of us are striving to peel back the layers and be in the moment. I believe that we are here to share, to grow, to evolve and to leave the world a better place than that we were born into. Whilst we are busy being diverse human beings, we can still remain humans being, and more importantly, that we live our kind of lives.

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