Who Can You Trust?


This past week has been a big lesson for me ….

A lesson of trust and assumption.

Some of you may know that I have three businesses (and soon to be a re-structure, but that is another story).  On top of that, I am still actively involved with Les Mills and with teaching classes.  So, it makes sense that I tend to compartmentalise my life to make it more manageable.  I do also attempt to categorise my diary, so that I can allocate the appropriate amount of time to each business … though I am not always successful at keeping to that?!

What is interesting this week, is I realised that the way I think for one part of my life, does not always carry over into another.

The practice of Yoga is about Practice, Reflection and Surrender; surrender by trusting the process.

I thought that I was actively applying that principle to all aspects of my life; but, perhaps not.

I certainly practice the first two as consciously as possible.  The third … surrender … leap, and the net will appear.

And that is what I started to do with the people around me.  Trusted that they were coming on the ride with me.  Believed that they were in for life.

Now, that is a big leap for me.  As an introvert, I am very content with my own company.  I do not seek external validation, and tend to get on with stuff.  I do the work and get things done.  More recently, I have begun to build a team around me, and realise that in order to grow my businesses, I do have to trust and let go.

When it is just me, I do the work, I reflect and I trust in the process.  With a team, I find I am no longer “doing the work”, apart from my bit.  I do reflect on the teams and where the businesses are going.  And, I do, with bated breath, let go.

Unfortunately, I had started to assume that team members are as committed as I am.  I trusted that they would do the work because we are all working towards a common goal.  Whilst this is true in a couple of my businesses; it is not the case with another. So, the lesson for me is I need to be passionate about the process and not be attached to the outcome.  I have to practice letting go with grace, rather than reluctance.

I have to reflect on whether I have shared my goals and dreams enough, or perhaps I do not have to, but rather, shine a light on their goals and dreams?

When Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream … “, did people hook into his dream, or did he open their eyes and mind to dream their own dream?

What are your thoughts?

Till next time … x




3 thoughts on “Who Can You Trust?

  1. Without you working hard and doing what you do to make your dreams happen, I wouldn’t be here now making my dreams happen, dreams I didn’t know I wanted to make happen.
    Thankyou for doing what you do and being who you are xxx

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