The Importance of Stuff


Isn’t stuff just so important??

Material stuff like the latest iphone, or the latest car.  What about stuff like holidays or a night out?  How about going to events or gigs?

It is all just stuff, right?

And yet, what makes some stuff important to some people and not others?

Working with people in all my businesses, I find it fascinating how people prioritise what is important to them. Looking in from the outside, you can see just how a slight shift in priorities can lead to a massive change a few short years down the line.

Perhaps it is because most of us do not really appreciate our mortality.  We seem to feel as if we are going to live forever.

Perhaps it is because I am getting older and as I look back at my life for the past few decades, I can see how my life has become stagnant with doing the same stuff over and over again.  As a result, there have been times in my life when my finances became stagnant, and even backwards.  Now I do not have children, but I can imagine that if you did, you would want and need your finances to grow rather than decrease with time.

I also find it fascinating when people say that they haven’t got money, or that they are broke, or skint.  When I was skint, I reverted to eating eggs, bread and baked beans.  I remember distinctly making a decision to stop buying wine and meat with my weekly shop because I had to cut costs.  Sure, I travelled a lot for the work I do for Les Mills, but I seriously did not go on holiday for years … because I did not have the money.

I also remember on two occasions, selling my car for cash; use the cash to buy a car for £500 and use the rest for food and living expenses … which included paying off the car loan?!  Go figure!!

The thing in this day and age of social media; where we seem to vomit our lives on Facebook or other social media sites, it really is obvious how we prioritise our important stuff.  The reality is, more than half the world cannot even afford to feed themselves on a daily basis, let alone get on Facebook.

So, I ask you, which stuff is important to you?

Should you look back at your life in 5 years’ time, would you still be living the same life?

Would shifting your priorities a little be that much of an issue for you?

Does the important stuff fulfil your soul?

Till next time … ASx


Published by Ann-See Yeoh

In a world that moving at a tremendous pace, some of us are striving to peel back the layers and be in the moment. I believe that we are here to share, to grow, to evolve and to leave the world a better place than that we were born into. Whilst we are busy being diverse human beings, we can still remain humans being, and more importantly, that we live our kind of lives.

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  1. Stuff is what some people think is going to make them happy. We have misunderstood the word happy. It is a moment, not to be confused with contentment.. People are looking to stay in a permanent state of euphoria and need more and more stuff to attain it, or so they think. Contentment is what you should be looking for. Satisfied with what you have achieved and attained and grateful for anything extra. I am not saying that you should not try to be better at what you do or improve on your lifestyle, but to stop wanting more than you need. Have your goals that’s what makes us grow and we should never stop growing, never stop learning. I think it is something that you realise with age. How unimportant things are that you once deemed as essential. All part of the cycle of life.

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