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The Dragonfly Jar

I’m wondering what is the collective noun for a group of yoga teachers.  If we have a parliament of owls, an exultation of larks and a smack of jelly fish, then surely we can come up with something original for a gathering of lycra-clad bendy folk who teach yoga?

The reason for my pondering is that I’ve just completed an up-skill huddle for yoga teachers (By the way, I don’t think ‘huddle’ counts because it connotes groups conferring in whispers, rather than nutters offering up the bonkers conversation and laughter that I’ve just experienced).  This annual weekend get-together coaxes yoga teachers – trained and honed over many seasons by our Ladyship Ann-See Yeoh* – to travel from far and wide to her South West yoga studio.  Our kind of up-skilling (in case you are interested)  involves exchanging  stories, rolling out our yoga mats and – naturally – eating vegan cake…

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Published by Ann-See Yeoh

In a world that moving at a tremendous pace, some of us are striving to peel back the layers and be in the moment. I believe that we are here to share, to grow, to evolve and to leave the world a better place than that we were born into. Whilst we are busy being diverse human beings, we can still remain humans being, and more importantly, that we live our kind of lives.

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