You Are Enough


When we were in Bali last month, my partner bought a couple of banners for our yoga studio.  The words on the banner were,

Always remember …

You are braver than you believe.  Stronger than you seem.  Smarter than you think; and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagine.

I had the pleasure of sitting in, observing a fellow Les Mills Trainer deliver an advanced training course at the weekend.  Over the same weekend, there was a bootcamp in London, for potential new Presenters/Trainers to join the Les Mills UK team, and I knew a few people who were invited to attend.  And it nudge me into reflecting on why we do what we do, and the ever interesting question of, “Am I good enough?”

Why is such a simple question so powerful?

Why is validation and recognition something most of us crave?

Is it how we are brought up?  If that is the case, then it is a pretty universal issue, as this affects so many of us; regardless of race, gender, social standing.  Perhaps it is every parent’s desire for their children to have and be the best?

What does it take for us to realise that we are good enough; that we always have been, and always will be?  Just because we don’t get the acknowledgement we seek does not mean that we are not good enough.  It probably is not the path we are meant to go down and it is the universe just saying, “Wrong direction.”

And then, I also remember reading somewhere, or hearing someone say, “It’s not about you, and it’s all about you.” (hence the picture above!)

Think about that for a moment …

And the picture above.

There are larger forces at play.

When I started my yoga teacher training journey, my teacher said that life is like the underside of a carpet; messy, not pattern or direction.  Flip the carpet over and you will be met with the most amazing art work.

Such is life. Whilst we are caught in the mess of it, we fail to recognise that every strand is special and significant in its own right, and that we are but one strand in the grand scheme of things.

It is not about whether you are good enough.

You are good enough; to do what you are meant to do.

So instead of asking yourself if you are good enough, ask yourself what are you here to do.

Because when you drop into the path that you are meant for, you will know that it is where you are meant to share your gifts and is what you were always meant to do.

It Is All In the Head

I don’t know about you, but the time difference between the UK and Brazil is killing me!  I have been staying up later than usual and still missing out on key events that I would have loved to watch live. All in all, I have probably watched less of this Olympics that others over the years.  From what I have seen, I am in awe of some absolutely stunning athletes, across a multitude of sports.  Haven’t they been amazing?!

I have always wondered what goes on in their heads; these world-class athletes, who represent such a minute portion of the world’s population, that takes them to the top.  And, how do some of them stay there? The greats like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, and the multitude of repeat gold medalists.

Admittedly, they have to do the hard yards and put the effort in.  Their daily life is a routine of eat, sleep, train and repeat.  Repeating this cycle, day in and day out, for most of their life.  How do they do it?  And it is not just a matter of training hard and getting straight to the Olympics, there are the countless competitions and qualifying events that they have to face just to qualify for the Olympics.

Assuming that the body is fit, what sets them apart is mindset.  The ability to stay focused on the task at hand, in order to work towards the ultimate goal.  To be able to bounce back from injury, defeat, losing out on a gold medal, losing out of any medal. To be able to consistently perform under pressure. To be able to withstand what life has to throw at you.

I cannot even fathom it.

I have done pretty well in life.  I have some amazing peak experiences.  I achieved a lot.

I know I am not as focused as I could be, and in comparison to these exceptional athletes, my mindset is nowhere in comparison.

It does make me wonder what if I ramped it up a little?

Any slight shifts in energy and direction will result in some other result.

Where would that take me?

How about you?

Till next time …


Work-Life Balance?


Question for you … how’s your work-life balance?

For many years now, the phrase “work-life” balance has been thrown around.  There is the Wheel of Life questionnaire and similar ones, where you can determine how balanced your life is.

Thing is, I feel there is more of a shift towards creating a life that is balanced; that work is part of life because it’s not work when it’s something you love doing.  It’s about having a life by design.

My business coach has always said that we should plan our business around our life, and it made sense to me intellectually, but in all honesty, the pieces didn’t really connect. In my mind, it worked for them, but it was something I could aspire to do.  I was also familiar with the term, “Life by design”, but I didn’t really get it.

And when the penny dropped for me, it was a massive A-ha moment.  A couple of years shy of 50 years of age, what do I really want to do with my life?  What kind of lifestyle do I want to live? What legacy do I want to leave behind?  These are thoughts that run through my mind, and so the realisation that a life by design is about creating a lifestyle that tugs at my heartstrings, that excite me, that moves my soul.

A life by design, and not by default …

Takes my breath away!

I watched the Tony Robbins’ movie on Netflix last week (if you haven’t seen it yet … DO IT!), and he said he sculpted who he is and the life he has.  It’s not just about working the cards you have been dealt with.  You can pick the cards you want and create the person and life that you desire and envision for yourself and your loved ones.

So, forget “work-life” balance … purely and simply it’s a matter of lifestyle.

How’s yours? x