You WILL Fit!

cat in box

I am a “boxes” kind of girl …

By that, I mean that I like things to fit in boxes.  Not so much stuff (I much prefer organised mess), but people and situations. I have a tendency to look at someone and put them into a box in my head.

Basically, I am judgmental.

I can, almost instantly, decide if I like someone, or not, and that really isn’t necessarily a good, or useful, thing to do.  I used to think it was gut instinct, which it most probably is, but I would then proceed to judge them based on that.

Over the years, I have learnt to catch my judgment switch going off, pause and drop any expectations. And yet, the skill is in trusting gut instinct and being completely open.  Honestly, this is work in progress for me. When I am open, I seem be oblivious to my gut instinct.  When I listen to my gut, I tend to be closed and judgmental.

The other thing about being judgmental is that there are times when I am judging myself; against the “norm”, other people.  And that is when I need to give myself a big slap because I do know better?!

So what I need to do is make quiet time, to breathe, to meditate and contemplate because when I do, finding that magical balance point is so much easier.

How about you?

Do you find yourself being judgmental, of others, as well as yourself?

Till next time … x




I had the pleasure of being a guest on a video podcast filming today.  It was my first guest podcast, let alone a video podcast.  So, I was rather excited to be part of it.

It was great and we chatted about various things from my background from competitive sport to yoga, the benefits of yoga and w also touched on the 40+ female market.

It’s that thing isn’t it, where you’re thinking of buying a Mercedes and you suddenly see Mercedes cars everywhere.  Well, since I’ve been experiencing hormonal changes over the past 18 months, or so, I’ve become more aware of women in their forties and fifties, who are also experiencing changes.  From conversations with them, and having attended a workshop and worked with a nutritionist, this change is just part of being a woman and yet, we tend to not think about it till it hits.

Yet, why is it we tend to feel alone when we realise that it’s happening?

For me, it a big part was the realisation that I had made choices about delaying having children because I loved what I did and was busy working.  I was now faced with the fact that the window of being a mother was closing rather rapidly.  I also realised that the image the fitness industry carries of fit, healthy females was one that was much younger and I am now entering what seems like the next phase of my life.  I am also now more aware of my mortality.

I honestly don’t feel any different with regards to what I do, and want to do with my life; the legacy that I want to leave behind.

Yet, I am faced with this fact.

That time is moving on.

What I am practicing patiently is self-acceptance.

Acceptance that I will only have fur babies.

Acceptance that my body, my skin will change.

Acceptance that time and life moves on.

Acceptance that nothing defines me.

Acceptance that I am who I am and I have my own unique journey.

Acceptance that I am enough.

How do you practice acceptance?

Till next time .. x

Look at the Bigger Picture

This week, I asked my friends on Facebook who was vegetarian or vegan, and I got a load of responses – thank you, if you were one of them.

I have been slowly messaging each person back to see what prompted their shift to becoming a vegetarian/vegan, and have loved learning about their reasons.

What I found interesting, is that several people posted that they were pescatarians and they ate fish and seafood; some all the time, and other occasionally.  That is absolutely fine with me, as I firmly believe that everyone should be respected for their decision.

I think most people who choose to stay away from red meat and instead opting for fish or seafood, do so because of health reasons.  And then, this news made me think …

What has caught my eye this week is the plan from the Environment Secretary to ban microbeads from cosmetic products like face scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels.

Yay!  That’s fantastic news!

But, hang on ….

What about washing detergents and other household products that also contain microbeads?

There’s as many as 550 million microbeads being dumped into UK seas everyday!  Over 680 tonnes are used in the UK alone every year. That is way more than all of the litter we pick up on our beaches in voluntary beach cleans each year.

This really is pointless plastic pollution, and what does this have to do with pescatarians? Basically, these microbeads can pass through the whole sewage system. 663 million species of marine wildlife are affected by plastics (do you want to ingest plastic??), and one single plastic particle can absorb 1 million times more toxic chemicals than the water around it.

Basically, plastics and toxic chemicals end up in the seafood on your plate.

In the bigger picture, if you don’t want to eat plastics, please consider the products you use and what you discard.

If we all did our little bit, it adds up and will make a difference.

Till next time … ASx