A Year of Reflection


So, how was your year?

What have you learnt?

I feel 2017 is a turning point for me.  I’ve started working with a business coach again, and am now putting things into place again for another shift in our businesses, and where we wish to be financially.

Change is definitely in the air; and sometimes it is challenging to let go.

And yet, I know, that in order for the new to flood in, we must get rid of the old and create space.

I have learnt that I need to keep working on patience (something that I’m rather short on, if I’m honest).  I get so annoyed and frustrated when people break things down to the minutiae, and forget the bigger picture.  We should be concerned about the whole person, the species, the planet, rather then tweaking the detail.  We get so caught up with the finer detail that we forget to step back and appreciate the whole. In traditional medicine, practitioners look and appreciate the person, rather than the affliction.  Western medicine started to break the person down into systems, and cells, etc. And you can see this in practice when the oncology department fails to talk with the orthopaedic department, for example.

And, what happened with looking at your plate as a whole, rather than how much carbs, protein, etc you have on your plate?

Life is way to short to focus on the detail.

So, you can see, I still need to keep developing patience?!

That, is my Bhavana for 2018.

As I leave 2017 behind, here are my wishes for you ..

Be bigger in your thoughts.

Be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Be whole as a person.

Be human.

Much love .. Ann-See x


You WILL Fit!

cat in box

I am a “boxes” kind of girl …

By that, I mean that I like things to fit in boxes.  Not so much stuff (I much prefer organised mess), but people and situations. I have a tendency to look at someone and put them into a box in my head.

Basically, I am judgmental.

I can, almost instantly, decide if I like someone, or not, and that really isn’t necessarily a good, or useful, thing to do.  I used to think it was gut instinct, which it most probably is, but I would then proceed to judge them based on that.

Over the years, I have learnt to catch my judgment switch going off, pause and drop any expectations. And yet, the skill is in trusting gut instinct and being completely open.  Honestly, this is work in progress for me. When I am open, I seem be oblivious to my gut instinct.  When I listen to my gut, I tend to be closed and judgmental.

The other thing about being judgmental is that there are times when I am judging myself; against the “norm”, other people.  And that is when I need to give myself a big slap because I do know better?!

So what I need to do is make quiet time, to breathe, to meditate and contemplate because when I do, finding that magical balance point is so much easier.

How about you?

Do you find yourself being judgmental, of others, as well as yourself?

Till next time … x


Now I’m 49

IMG_3614Birthday Lunch at 1847, Bristol

It was my 49th birthday on Sunday, and I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am approaching half a century old.

Is that something you think about?

I have written about this before, but it is something that I do think about a lot.

What have I done so far, what more will I do and what legacy will I leave behind.

You may say that it is something we don’t need to think about; or, as some of you have said to me already, that I am leaving a legacy through the lives that I have touched over the years.

The thing is, I have this feeling, deep in my heart, that I am meant to do something more. And that feeling brings with it a sense of urgency as we never know how many moments we have left to experience. The frustrating thing is …

I don’t know what I am meant to do.

What I do know is I need more quiet time to reflect.  I need to get out of my businesses and work on my businesses.

I should have a holiday.

I know my 25 years+ of being involved with the fitness industry as it is needs to draw to a close, either completely or change direction.

Almost twenty years ago, when I was on my yoga teacher training course, I remember my teacher saying that we should all aim to leave the planet better than we found it.  I do truly believe this. And one of the reasons I got into becoming a trainer and teaching teachers is the belief that if I could influence one teacher, they, in turn, will influence the people in their classes, thereby causing a ripple effect.  It is also the reason that I am an Arbonne consultant as I believe that social marketing is the way forwards in terms of influencing and changing lives.

So I am still at the contemplating stage on which direction I should take that would cause the most ripples, as that is why I do what I have always done.

What are you thoughts?

Do you know your legacy?  Are you even bothered?

Do you have any tips you can share and help me with my musings?

Till next time …