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The Ambassador Programme
2019: Autumn (dates TBC)

The Mentoring Programme

The Yoga Business School
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2019: Autumn • The Yoga Business Huddle • Bristol

Yoga Therapy for Mental Health (Online)
(Fully booked)

Weekend Yoga Retreat
2019: November 22-24 • Devon

Yoga Holiday

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  1. Hi Ann-See… I’m interested in doing the Yoga Holiday with as many girlfriends that’ll be up for it. Can you give me an idea/estimate of the cost and what it includes (travel, transfer, accommodation, food, drink, classes…?). If attendees have to make their own way, what’s the destination etc Cheers, Y xx

  2. Hi Ann-See,

    I have booked onto your July Yoga day and have had confirmation via e-mail, printed off my ticket,
    but as of yet I have not received an invoice. Will I receive this in the post or via e-mail, just a little
    worried as I don’t want any complications on the day of the event, as I’m traveling from Wrexham North Wales.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi I’m trying to look at the details for the January yoga retreat, but I cannot click on it for some reason. Please send details. Thanks sue

  4. Hi Ann-See I’m interested in going on Bali yoga trip. Enquiring whether price includes air fare from london to bali.
    And also travel from airport to retreat.

    Thank you.

  5. Good morning
    Re your yoga training weekend in 2018 jan, march and may. Could you please tell me where they will Take place and remind me of the costco of course?
    I may be better doing the intense course but depends when this is
    Many thanks

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