My Kind of Yoga™  is simply that; my kind of yoga.

It is, basically, me.

Yoga is simple and yoga is teaching from the heart.  I believe we tend to complicate things and I believe there is a simpler way, and that is essentially what we are about.

Many years ago, I attended a training seminar with T.K.V. Desikachar, who is my teacher’s teacher.  Someone in the audience asked him what he thought about the plethora of yoga teacher training courses that are available; from fitness yoga to courses that take much longer.  His response was, “If it means more people do yoga, what is the problem?”

Not everyone is ready to wander down the deep, intoxicating path of yoga which I personally love.  Some just want to de-stress and feel better.

I also remember when I was training to be a yoga teacher over twenty years ago, my teacher said that yoga is about moving someone from DUKHA to SUKHA; from a squeezing of the heart, to a good space.

That is what we aim to do with My Kind of Yoga™.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for us, click here.

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