My Kind of Yoga™

cat-a-lyze (verb): to bring into being, transform

My Kind of Yoga™ Catalyst Collective are a group of individuals, taking yoga off the mat and stepping into the world boldly, to create change.

This is my vision … a select group of individuals who see my vision and desire to be part of it, to be ambassadors for My Kind of Yoga™.

The My Kind of Yoga™ Ambassador training is available to Fitness Professionals, Yoga and Pilates Teachers.  

Prerequisite of Becoming an Ambassador:

  1. A fully qualified Fitness or Health Professional – Level 2 or above or aligned professional such as a Physiotherapist
  2. Fully Insured by the end of the course
  3. Passionate about sharing My Kind of Yoga™ in your local community
  4. A team player and happy to be part/share/communicate with the rest of the Ambassador team
  5. Prepared to dedicate time to your on-going learning and nurturing this project within your existing business

What Do You Get?


  1. 3 long weekends,  or a 6-day intensive, covering ALL components of delivering the programme  
  2. Training Manual
  3. My Kind of Yoga™ business model and income projections
  4. Lunch will be provided (All meals will be provided on the intensive format)
  5. Exclusive access to videos and tutorials of all key aspects of the programme
  6. A new lesson plan each month
  7. Use of logo and marketing materials
  8. One upskill event in your first year
  9. Ongoing support and training
  10. Access to a closed Facebook support group

For dates, please go to the events page.

Contact Me Now so we can arrange  a call/Skype to really nail down the details and see if you wish to become a My Kind of Yoga™ Ambassador and part of the My Kind of Yoga™ Catalyst Collective.  

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