Now I’m 49

IMG_3614Birthday Lunch at 1847, Bristol

It was my 49th birthday on Sunday, and I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am approaching half a century old.

Is that something you think about?

I have written about this before, but it is something that I do think about a lot.

What have I done so far, what more will I do and what legacy will I leave behind.

You may say that it is something we don’t need to think about; or, as some of you have said to me already, that I am leaving a legacy through the lives that I have touched over the years.

The thing is, I have this feeling, deep in my heart, that I am meant to do something more. And that feeling brings with it a sense of urgency as we never know how many moments we have left to experience. The frustrating thing is …

I don’t know what I am meant to do.

What I do know is I need more quiet time to reflect.  I need to get out of my businesses and work on my businesses.

I should have a holiday.

I know my 25 years+ of being involved with the fitness industry as it is needs to draw to a close, either completely or change direction.

Almost twenty years ago, when I was on my yoga teacher training course, I remember my teacher saying that we should all aim to leave the planet better than we found it.  I do truly believe this. And one of the reasons I got into becoming a trainer and teaching teachers is the belief that if I could influence one teacher, they, in turn, will influence the people in their classes, thereby causing a ripple effect.  It is also the reason that I am an Arbonne consultant as I believe that social marketing is the way forwards in terms of influencing and changing lives.

So I am still at the contemplating stage on which direction I should take that would cause the most ripples, as that is why I do what I have always done.

What are you thoughts?

Do you know your legacy?  Are you even bothered?

Do you have any tips you can share and help me with my musings?

Till next time …



It’s Never As Bad As You Think


Have you ever had one of those days?

Actually, I’ve been having one of those “couple of months” …

And looking at a global scale, the world seems to be having one of those years?!

Back in September, I blogged about reaching out, and today has just highlighted to me how people are willing to help, if only we reach out and ask.

A quick text to a member of our studio for a local garage recommendation meant we’re now getting our car sorted and the guy’s coming along to our studio for a free taster.

A Whatsapp message to our Arbonne upline resulting in a lovely phone call …

And yet, why do we feel as if we have to take on the world on our own?  Reaching out works both ways; for us, life becomes lighter and we realise that it’s never as bad as we think, and for the other person, it’s always heartwarming when you know you’ve helped someone.

This is something that I’m still learning to appreciate. Aside from two cousins in London and a nephew in Paris, the rest of my family are back in the far east, or scattered around the world. Social media keeps us in touch but we’ve been brought up to “get on with it” and “put on a face”.

What I’ve come to believe now is having a “family” of choice, people that you care about, that care for you.  People you can reach out to, who are willing to help.  This is what we are creating at our lovely Yoga Space in Chew Valley, with our My Kind of Yoga Ambassadors, and with our Arbonne team …

Who do you have in your network?

Who do you know you can call on, and yet, stop yourself from doing so because you feel you should be able to do everything?

Perhaps you’re sitting on the fence about being part of one of our teams …

Reach out … you may find it’s never as bad as you think!




I had the pleasure of being a guest on a video podcast filming today.  It was my first guest podcast, let alone a video podcast.  So, I was rather excited to be part of it.

It was great and we chatted about various things from my background from competitive sport to yoga, the benefits of yoga and w also touched on the 40+ female market.

It’s that thing isn’t it, where you’re thinking of buying a Mercedes and you suddenly see Mercedes cars everywhere.  Well, since I’ve been experiencing hormonal changes over the past 18 months, or so, I’ve become more aware of women in their forties and fifties, who are also experiencing changes.  From conversations with them, and having attended a workshop and worked with a nutritionist, this change is just part of being a woman and yet, we tend to not think about it till it hits.

Yet, why is it we tend to feel alone when we realise that it’s happening?

For me, it a big part was the realisation that I had made choices about delaying having children because I loved what I did and was busy working.  I was now faced with the fact that the window of being a mother was closing rather rapidly.  I also realised that the image the fitness industry carries of fit, healthy females was one that was much younger and I am now entering what seems like the next phase of my life.  I am also now more aware of my mortality.

I honestly don’t feel any different with regards to what I do, and want to do with my life; the legacy that I want to leave behind.

Yet, I am faced with this fact.

That time is moving on.

What I am practicing patiently is self-acceptance.

Acceptance that I will only have fur babies.

Acceptance that my body, my skin will change.

Acceptance that time and life moves on.

Acceptance that nothing defines me.

Acceptance that I am who I am and I have my own unique journey.

Acceptance that I am enough.

How do you practice acceptance?

Till next time .. x